Replacement Work Types

How to create a Replacement Work Type?

1. From the dashboard navigate to the side navigation bar and click "Add Work Type" under "Work Type".

2. Select an Replacement Work Type and enter the Work Type name in the Work Type Name field provided.

3. Select the Work Type Platform between IoT and Non-IoT

IoT Work Type: An IoT Work Type automatically generates 7 questions to capture during the replacement process which are essential when adding a device to the IoT Platform.
* Device ID
* Device Name
* Maximum Allowed Value (To Detect High Hourly Usage)
* Pulse Factor
* Pulse Unit
* Start Date
* Start Reading
More questions can be added on e.g. Replacement proof such as an image upload.

Non-IoT Work Type: Work Type is linked to FDM Groups.

4. Enter the Question, Select the Field Input type you require for the question from the "Select Field Type" field.

5. Click "ADD QUESTION" to add more questions for the Work Type.

6. Click "ADD WORK TYPE" to save the Work Type.

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Create FDM Replacement Work Type

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Create IoT Replacement Work Type

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