FDM Replacement

How to create a Replacement Work-Order?

An Replacement Work Order is only created provided there is a Replacement Work Type that has been Created. The Work Order can be added from the Web Platform or from the Mobile Platform.

1. Create a Replacement Work-Type (refer to How to Create a Replacement Work-Type?)

Web Platform:

2. From the dashboard navigate to "Jobs" under "Field Management" and you will see the list of completed Job Work Orders.
(refer to How to create a Job/Installation Work-Order?) for the process of completing a Job/Installation Work Order.

3. Click "ADD" under the "Replacements" column of the Jobs table for the Job/Installation Work Order you wish to add to Replacements.

4. Enter the Description, then select the Replacement Work Type and click "ADD REPLACEMENT" to add the Job to Replacement Work Orders.

Mobile Platform:

Completing a Replacement Work Order is done from the Mobile Platform. If there is no available dispatched Work Orders, the Field user can create and complete one from the Mobile Platform.
(refer to How to Create Work Order on your mobile device?).

Once the actions are complete, from the SmartView FDM Web Application you can see the completed Repalacement Work Orders, with information of who completed it and when and where as well as the data captured for the Replacement Work-Order.

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